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Air Prishtina stands for:

Continuous quality and safety improvements

It is the trust of our customers, partners and employees that obligates us to continue to consistently maintain the high level of quality of our flight service in the future. We strive to continuously improve our service through our principles of professionalism and commitment.

Ideal partnerships

Our airline’s prime operational principle is to carefully choose our partners so that the core requirements, such as reliability and safety, are guaranteed.

Social and economic value

We utilise our human and financial resources carefully and cautiously. With the aim of securing our company's long-term future, the financial resources are fiducially invested in accordance with one’s best knowledge and belief.

Pride in our employees

Where their qualifications allow it, we engage our employees throughout Europe, thus promoting creativity and job motivation. Our employees build the foundation of our company's success.

Joint responsibility and obligation

We are aware of our social responsibility and care about secure jobs and good working conditions. We are committed to providing humanitarian aid through our charity "Bexhet Sallahu".


We act according to ethical principles and place our customers as ‘people in the centre’.

Be prepared to meet challenges in the market

We are aware that progress, rational organisational structures, expansion and innovation significantly determine our success and our existence.