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Air Prishtina. Your best way home

Since 30 years we are reliably bridging the gap to family and home. Starting as the travel agency ‘Prishtina’ and then, since 01.01.2005 as ‘Air Prishtina”, we are today the leading provider of low cost and high quality air travel to Kosovo and Macedonia.

We offer regular scheduled flights from our headquarters in Switzerland, as well as from many locations in Europe.

Air Prishtina. The gate to Europe

Air Prishtina aims to be gateway to Europe and the world to Kosovars and Macedonians.. From Pristina and Skopje, we offer the freedom to travel with regular scheduled flights to many destinations in Europe and individually scheduled flights throughout the world.

Air Prishtina. Leaders in Quality and Reliability

It continues to be our aim to remain as the leading provider of air travel to Kosovo and Macedonia and to continue expanding our operations despite the intense competition.

Therefore, it is our ultimate aim, to fulfill the travel needs of our customers with optimal value for money. By carefully choosing our partners, we ensure high quality standards in all price ranges and we maintain our independence as a separate company with strong regional roots. Reliable flights, good value for money and competent, friendly staff are the foundation of our enduring success and leading position in the market.

We work with renowned and successful airlines and thus ensure our high standards of quality, reliability and safety. Through the new strategic partnership with Swiss, Edelweiss Air or Germania, Helvetic Airways we offer our customers permanent low prices and an expanded route network with direct flights to multiple destinations in Europe.

At Air Prishtina, we combine an efficient organisation with a high quality of service in customer advising, care and transactions. Multi-lingual staff, specialised in flights between major destinations in Europe and Kosovo / Macedonia, are your contact persons for all your enquiries. Whether it is for a family visit, business trip or holidays, we can provide competent and comprehensive advice like no other.

To make your flight as comfortable as possible, we use modern communication technology (telephone, internet, e-mail, SMS) and offer wide-ranging services, including a 24-hour Call Centre, Web-Check-In and E-Tickets. A professional online booking system makes it easy for you to find the best flight, book it directly and make secure transaction payments.

From the bottom of our heart, we sincerely thank all our customers for placing their trust in us. We attribute our increasing number of customers to those recommending our flights. Your loyalty to our company, which is carried on in the pioneering spirit of Bexhet Sallahu, is considered by us as a special recognition.